My journey to greatness

On fire ..

My marriage

A carriage where love seats and is entertained

Dreams  flow  in streams

Passion attached, resilience,commitment and dexterity to fulfil them …

He sheds tears ..she tastes the salt in his tears …such and unbreakable bond ….

tears stream down my face as i write my vision is blurred

my eyes behind the veil of tears …

yet i see you clearly my love …

My fears roll away like  heavy stones …..

Come fetch me … im tired of watching from here..

come lets meet  in this river …

I’m in for a swim  eternal  with faith , hope … passion and fire ,,,

I’m in this river … its streams  with joy  lead me to the man of my dreams ….

May our love be pure as such …no judgement can stand in between

May our love be right so our hedge be not broken …

may our love inspire … may those who exhale it … find it a breath of fresh air..

May our moments together be too special to be recreated ….

i love you loveliest of friends


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2 thoughts on “On fire ..

  1. that was sweet…


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