My journey to greatness

don’t do this to you for my sake

Words have failed over the years at what i have seen so far because i had thought
that I have been able to show you the way of the lord …
yet the testimony of the greeks about you seem to be true..

Even when i had left you with this message …
fear the greeks even when they come with their gifts…
you seem to have been hypnotised by their sugar coated tongues …

flashy gifts and their shallow display of wealth ….
hmm …
it saddens my heart son ….
do not delay …
do not delay
what God wants to use you for

i marvel at how times and seasons change
i marvel at the evil we men drag ourselves into
i marvel at how money is the façade that appears to rule the world.
i Marvell at how we seem so desperate for wealth fame fortune and yet no
passion and desperation for God
i marvell at how we sing our praises filled disgustingly with self praise and pride ..
yet i wonder what will happen if we were God … what shall men do…?

i Marvell at how we think our existence is our hands …
yet is in God’s hands
and we do not or have not let our pride ..leave us
so we can tell God a real yes

i marvel at how our lips  speak  good yet our heart is evil
i marvel at how we are easily led to join the band wagon ..

i marvel at how i am so hurt yet i can,t cry

… my greatest Marvell… is marvellous … i am awestruck and in high spirits eternally

when i see what God has in store for you only if you will say yes to him in your heart soul and spirt … tell him
a real yes
a real yes
he loves you

even so he loves you son..yes he does … jesus loves you


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