My journey to greatness

streams in “gooseland”

Here… there were in a dry place

weary deserted , patched with thirst,…desert….

desperate for rain

To ease the pain of toil without harverst

it appeared the wait was in vain

the seeds for planting dwindled and vanished as they ate up their reserves ..

they prayed for rain

he promised the rain

yet the clouds never gathered …talk more of rain !

patience patience

Patience and a little bit of faith will bring the promise to fruition..

they will be no cloud or rain he said but every valley will be filled with water …

don’t look up for the clouds to gather ..

wait for the promise


In the quest to to beat time we  settle for the worst  forgetting that he is outside of time  he who has promised that none shall lack a mate ..

Don’t wine and dine  with the one who serves cheap fast food.

that  is immediate gratification  Iced with eternal regret

Don’t date the devil he is evil ..

i will wait for my blessing


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