My journey to greatness

letter to friend 13th april…

perfect timing… i tell you… on my way home even as i think of the women i hope to work with change their lives and all….
I finally got around reading this beautiful piece of work ….not just for the sake of saying so …
But it tells a story of the generation past ..
I can definitely relate to this, its the story of my roots …
I hope one day there will be a fusion between this generation and the past…

That this generation in our unimaginable blind drive and passion to be great and famous will take from and receive from our generation past the miracle of little beginnings …. honesty, integrity, respect, proper moral values , humility.. and most especially vision..

I find this to be the true story of an African child …
even as i go back to my roots … it just reminds me of one thing .. that it does not matter how we have all started this journey called life but what we learn in it … what we are willing to learn and give up to receive where we are headed to and how we end… our lives

It is scriptural that our latter will be greater that are past… Haggai chapter 2 verse 9.

now that rant was my thought…. my letter to you begins here:

Dear Friend,

Wow! you are a true child and woman of God…
God has placed in you a special gift that you must protect and nurture through staying true to your self by living and thriving in God’s presence through his word.
You are empowered to communicate with so much depth and clarity..that i even still struggle with despite all my training yet you flow freely in this gift.

These are not just mere words … and yes i know you have an idea of what’s in you but sometimes you might or will be tempted forget your nature or became impatient …
That is why i am writing this to remind you that everything will be GREAT just give your self wholeheartedly even the mess in our lives FAITHFULLY to God and see him transform you into a message.. of hope , love, perseverance, diligence, integrity to this generation that i am also part of…

A song just rose up in my spirit just for you … by Isareal Houghton titled
“i am not forgotten God knows my name”.
I believe that’s God’s word for you and me… he knows our names..

And i want you to realise that we are living in the greatest time in history and we are going to change the world through our faith in Jesus Christ in us manifesting in full glory.

i pray you find these thoughts of mine encouraging… Arise, shine for the light is come and that light is in you.

please forward this mail back to me….
because i need to read it to my self and hide these words too in my heart…

Love and God’s blessings

b:e:l:i:v:e: Because Emmanuel Lives I Expect Victory Everytime ….what are your expectations?… Stay focused and true to your vision and pray…. your prayers are powerful
keep dreaming keep believing don’t ever give up goose’s don’t if the land is dry we look for water when we find it we keep splashing …


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