My journey to greatness

pale pink and electric blue

Wow praise God .. can’t believe the amount of work  i get done when i yield my self to the sweet spirit of the most high.

Waking up with that song about it’s still by the grace of God .. spoke volumes of what God has been saying to me and What was reiterated through that man of God in the meeting yesterday evening wow ..

the hand of Zerubbabel started it and his hands  …. grace , grace grace ,. thank you father for your sweet spirit of grace..

The place of prayer I see is really paramount in walking in the light that brings delight.

Wow!!! just praying in  tongues ..

I am still amazed how he taught that today producing those two beautiful pale and electric blue pieces I say it must be God

Thank you Abba I enjoy being taught by you.

Must really make a mental note to thank the choir  for sowing the moving forward CD by free chapel into my life.

Wow that is so prophetic..

I still have hope  I still have joy i can conquer anything but  by the grace of God …beautiful song

I am reminded of this scripture …  …

for by grace you have been saved through faith and this is not from yourselves it is a gift from God

thank you God for your grace to accomplish all of these ..


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