My journey to greatness

thats it . ..

Certain  things  that we do or our reactions to events   are  out of an inbuilt defence mechanism or check which most times is the spirit of God ..guiding you and trying to save you from future embarrassment , shame defeat and most especially heart break.

Things like being careful  what you pass across to friends .. as information about yourself ..

One might think its an issue of trust well  you trust man to a certain degree but God you wholly trust ..

so when your  guard is down … let the spirit still lead you .. as to what to say especially  with friends who have not been through thick and thin with you … zip it zip it zip it …. i tell you

I learnt this today do not talk about your weakness in the presence of someone you cannot trust with your life

and for those who get people trusting  you with their lives be careful lest their blood be in your hands …

the tongue …guarded is your life intact …


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