My journey to greatness

You are all that ♥♥

you are the unseen hands that touch me .. heal my wounded soul
you are the hand in my hands that helps me draw beautiful pictures ..prospers everything i touch you are my eyes that makes me see past what i see,
you are my shepherd i am your sheep
you are my brilliant radiance

you make me excel

you do not make me high

i am on a high place in you

you are my direction my illumination, life revealed … to me you are love … joy unspeakable.. undeniable peace ….

In the midst of life’s disasters which you have revealed to me to be shadows façades, distractions
my peace in a hurricane incomparable to any man  made shelter.. help service …
that i am determined by your grace which i cry ,speak over my life ..in faith i have received abundantly will keep me in the shadow of your wings … your presence where joy peace rest i have found . you dwell in me .. i am changed
a day without you is confusion my life in you is bliss
oh the kiss of heaven
has made my life green, the sky ever blue
you are beautiful
made me so beautiful
you are my life
i have a beautiful life


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