My journey to greatness

For the “want” of a better title …i am frankly wondering?

Over the years I have wondered why the trivial things of life seem to make the news the unimportant details seem to be the things that we get caught up in.

I  have constantly questioned the huge  importance  attached to a woman’s  ability to perform sexual feats with great skill and sensitivity…  like we are going to spend the rest of our  lives in bed …(seriously not being sarcastic here don’t you get it?)

What about being there when all others walk away?
If there’s an economic or physical tragedy will you want to be on the same boat with me or will you just walk away?

Will you stand by my bed until the lights go out?
Praying for me .
Building our dreams together sharing our visions, loving our creator …  ..establishing a relationship and the only relationship that can protect us from the storms of life ..

… that you have a hard time living up the role does not mean that the concept of holy matrimony is bad…. glad you took a hike!

Yea needs are in compartments and i want it all .. fellowship with the lord , to minister to my spirit, creative thoughts to massage my mind a companion for my flesh and bones..
however …

i have to realise my Bad …
There are no perfect companions
the reality is that there will be no love without disappointments
disappointments are minimised when we accept certain things can only be from God if we seek a saviour it must be Jesus
if we seek a messiah it must be Christ
Never ask a clay pot for Gold
Don,t ask water to be wine
Don’t ask dirt to be diamonds

ah who are you Trusting? find out who you are trusting is trusting ?? ..

God’s passion is overwhelming
the intensity of the passion of the love the father has for us is incomparable the most moving saga or touching ballad does not portray it sufficiently he is more rhythmic than poetry
more ardent than the ballads of love
his love is bluer than the sea
brighter than the sun
stronger than the mind that pushes through the sea.


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