My journey to greatness

A song in season …

Last night was glorious praise the lord!
God is faithful
he answers when we call
he hears
he is living and ever-loving
I Had  a dream and I was discussing my vision of having a consulting firm with different facets to it with this dude.. yes a dude… ha ha
can’t really make sense of it but woke up with gratitude in my lips the fact that i speak with clarity my vision even  in my sleep… is something i am very thankful of
and the lord always brings a this is that moment… a time where the jigsaw always makes sense.. so i will patiently wait for the this is that to the  glory of God …

And the lord gave me this song .. i have not heard this like in a year even if i have i do not recollect .. but my spirit does… hallelujah .. so I started singing ….
Jesus, You’re the centre of my joy
All that’s good and perfect comes from You
You’re the heart of my contentment
Hope for all I do
Jesus, You’re the centre of my joy

When I’ve lost my direction
You’re the compass for my way
You’re the fire and light
When nights are long and cold
In sadness, You’re my laughter
That shatters all my fears
When I’m all alone, Your hand is there to hold

You are why I find pleasure
In the simple things in life
You’re the music in the meadows and the streams
The voices of the children, my family, and home
You’re the source and finish of my highest dreams

what rocks your boat what gives you infinite pleasure .. what do you find peace in …. make Jesus the centre of your joy


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