My journey to greatness

About a year Ago…

“just a little bit of digression”

i remember, good memories die hard,…. strength from within; draw power from what the architect and manufacturer established in his manual as your modus operandi… pardon my grandiloquence .. but please that’s a fact.. always read the manual for the sake of loving yourself and for strength … the manual has the power to give you strength and victory

Thanks be to God whose work in me causes me to triumph in his name ..
wow! praise God,
Its a new week of no weakness and pain …

…last week was great ..was a time of healing and focus and re prioritising … of which am grateful ever grateful to God for …

A week earlier on …after a wonderful service I was so excited of the things God had done in my life
of his blessings and his promises …
yet inside of me I couldn’t hold back the tears that had built up in my heart …
I couldn’t hold them back ….

who says big girls don’t cry …well duh!!11
I do sometimes i did rather … there i sat after a wonderful service ..
was trying to not to cry rocking back and forth in one of the pew seats trying to make sense of the tears but couldn’t … I kept getting what’s… what’s…. what’s wrong and I sincerely said nothing ..cos I couldn’t fathom what or how I had come to this point of an open display of emotion over …. something I don’t know ….
… i cried for minutes till a wise woman who is dear to my heart came to me her hands resting on my back said these words to me ….

It’s okay …there are days like this ..(big  GURLS ARE ALLOWED TO CRY …)…
I was so dehydrated as I had lost all body fluid through the tears …
here.. she said take this… she gave me water I felt a lot more better ..

When I got home later … I realised why I was actually crying I felt I wasn’t going at the speed I wanted to
so many distractions even from the people i love and care about most …

Then I got this from uncle James …as if he knew what and how I felt …

this he wrote literally ..

my Dear  Darling,

Watch your weight!

If you desire power, you are then asking for pain.

I have painful memory that I can’t share yet.

Remember who is with you – God.

By perseverance the snail reached the Ark!

Remember, God-swore to bless you. Stay strong, stay hopeful. Fight to keep the fire of your expectation burning. God-never lies.

He will keep his promises to you. Your faith in God, will command your future to rush towards you with blessings.

Pray for my wisdom. Proverbs. 4:7

Your trials matter to me.

these words came when I needed them … I hope you find this a blessing too

blessings …


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