My journey to greatness

God made me cry ….

Gratitude , The Tall Ships' Races, Szczecin 2007

In gratitude

In awe

In Respect

In  total Adoration

In so overwhelming   joy and  happiness

He made me shed tears of joy

thank you for giving me my dream back

thanks for showing up and shutting the devil down

All doubts are dissolved

you have made me a champion ..

My name is victory

oh  the beauty,  realness and reality  of  your  word …

I  am in love with the only gentleman .. that has ever lived to die for the one he loves so that i can live yes… he rose again now he lives in me …..

how  you  keep  to your word

how he keeps to time

how he shows up

your Name is faithful .. ever new to me ..cant get tired of calling you faithful

how  you  light  up my world

i am on the stage .. walking  in greatness.. it is my time .. the time is now ..

mysteries are being unravelled

i am grateful …

Thank you for the kingdom

i am grateful

i think about the nights that i cried and i ran out of tears

how i felt so numb and without  words to express the picture of  bleakness i  saw

how i prayed till i couldn’t say no more but your words kept coming back

but each time i felt your blanket of peace and calm over me …

I am grateful

you are a miracle worker

I am grateful thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

wow  here in your presence i will be …

thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you thank you

PS: Don’t   trivialise  my testimony if you knew my pain you will understand my Praise >> my Joy ..THANK YOU JESUS…


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2 thoughts on “God made me cry ….

  1. Princess on said:

    No, any one who understands that God cannot be trivialised, will not trivialise your testimony. Even if I do not know it totally, just the fact that I have my testimonies too, I will praise the Lord with you and for you. Praise the Lord for seeing you through to where you are.
    You will call on Him and He will answer you girl. He will take you by the hand, show you great and might things which you do not know (Jer 33:3). He will lead you beside still waters, your soul He will continually restore.
    You are like a tree planted by the river, He will continually water you so that at all seasons, you will always bear fruits.
    Be bold, be courageous, for He will not leave you nor forsake you that you may boldly say that He the Lord is your HELP.
    No evil shall come near your dwelling and even when the devil tries, the Lord will lift up a standard, His Spirit against the devil for your sake.

    Dearie, this is straight from my heart and unedited, so do not take offence at typos.


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