My journey to greatness

Dear flower(rose)

have you ever wondered about the blessing of the lord ?

it has facets, heights and dimensions to it …. 

when the bible speaks of … the blessing ..  and  declares Arise, Shine … we often forget that there is a process  of cleaning for us to shine as bright as we are meant to shine

The blessing of the lord comes with responsibility which   could mean separation, submission to his will,

   Self-denial,  obedience,boldness  and above all walking in love even when it hurts … being still and silent even when there are too many things to say…

I have learnt that for the blessing to manifest … training is required  .. and there are no short cuts….

there is always a crushing of the olives for the oil to be extracted.

The result of the crushing painful experience for the olive is a blessing to the olive for when it is in its oil form …

it becomes an essential esteemed commodity in  the lives of many .
when Elisha asked for double of his masters anointing his troubles were in another dimension …

YET He Had the blessing … Just sharing here …

 This Year may you see The blessing even in chaos,

Never Loose Your Praise ….may there be an increased hunger and thirst for righteousness in Your life.

You will continually please God by acting In faith.Keep working the word …heal the sick , Produce, multiply,  perform  by the guidance of the holy spirit

  But remember the blessing Comes with responsibility ..

ah  I thank The lord for grace … he will lead us through still waters …My soul he will restore …


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2 thoughts on “Dear flower(rose)

  1. “Amen,amen,amen”!!!!!!!
    Wonderful words of encouragement,truly we to have to be crushed but not destroyed,God is going to bring out the best in us to help others.And I am truly looking forward to God using me even greater this year,our God is awesome and his love for us never changes. Thank you for your prayer.
    Love you 😀 😀


    • mimshac on said:

      thanks pat …happy new year .. indeed we have to be crushed but not destroyed. how are you doing thanks for stopping by and being a blessing to me love you ever so much God bless


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