My journey to greatness



you seek where you can’t find
you invest where you can’t harvest
you build where there is no foundation
you hold on to your life
yet you did not give your self breath
you belief in science yet earth it has not explained
you live on pleasure paradise
yet its path is death
YOu have tried to kill the yearning for the truth
yet you cant
there is more to you than you see
yet you choose to choose the light which is darkness!
and i pray that you give your self wholly to seek the truth
the only present i can ever give is free it cost me nothing yet i got it from the one who it cost  his bloood
it is the gift of salvation you can get yours its free
just by asking jesus
lord jesus come into my heart
be my lord and saviour
forgive of my sins
cleanse me with your blood
i want to be your friend

TO SAY This Prayer in Your room in your car or as you stroll down or even as you read this
And watch your life change as you do this
you need a perspective to life that will change your goals and the course of your lineage and generation  above all set you free   from the power  death  and the price of sin
Such power is available to those who belief that Jesus is lord
PS: i am not ashamed of the gospel of the lord for it is the power of GOD unto salvation
i dare you to dream and surrender your life to God and see him change your
sin only leads to destruction
love you


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