My journey to greatness

He is a miracle God

Sitting  behind  my desk at work and thinking about how I got here
and how good and gracious you have been
a song from my childhood just springs up
from the bubbling river in my belly

My God will lead me
he will lead me
he is a miracle God
he is a pillar of  cloud  by the day
and a pillar of light
by night
you can never understand him
he is a miracle God .

Then I say to my soul
oh my soul put your trust in God
your understanding has failed you over and over
Man has proven to be disaster
But your God is faithful
Who makes every  crooked path straight  unravels every mystery

who sees the end from the beginning
He is a miracle God

Don’t panic
neither grumble like the Israelites
who in the wilderness he was manna and meat for
yet there doubted still and asked can God set up a table in the wilderness

yet he brought out water out of a rock
and gave them the land of giants …
He is a miracle God…

again and again i say to you
with the signs of disaster all around
your redemption is near
I may not know how it will come but
He is a miracle God
your frustration is divine because your promotion is on its way
he is a miracle God.

God loves me too much to leave me in this state
God loves me so much
and he will make my joy complete
i belive and receive my miracle

for he is a miracle God.


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6 thoughts on “He is a miracle God

  1. Chioma on said:

    hi, please I have been trying to find who sang this song. i know the song but i can’t remember who sang it. I came across your site when I typed the lyrics on google. please if you know who the artist is, can you reply and let me know. I would really appreciate it. i have been searching everywhere for it as I would like to download it. Thank you


  2. mimshac on said:

    hello there chioma been trying to help you with that song but no one even in my choir seems to know the author let me know if you find it though many blessings mimshac


  3. Chioma on said:

    Hi Mimshac, its OK I’ve also tried to no avail. But, thank you so much for your effort and thanks for getting back to me on it. I appreciative it. Chioma.


  4. mimshac on said:

    will keep asking though the lord bless rule and reign in your world lots of love mimsahc


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