My journey to greatness

the world does not have to revolve around me… you??

 I have come across several statements via Facebook and  daily emails that  I get from my mentors and it got me thinking about how selfish I am sometimes with my time. I am often guilty if I spend quality time talking to someone who genuinely needs my attention at that moment.Because  I go away thinking oh I have not achieved what I am  meant to achieve .. yet i am so concerned and have been praying hard  about God using me to make a change in my environment. I could go on  and on with that train of thought … particularly leaving in the western world where time indeed is money and every thing and little acts of kindness seem to be an abuse of   valuable  time.

It will be nice for us to  think carefully about  what we do  with  our time not neglecting ourselves but taking time to invest some time in people around us

what better way to say that you care than with your time


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