My journey to greatness

you can destroy, construct and reconstruct by what you say

every man is an architect of his own future

God is the author and the perfecta

Have been at work all day today and had a couple of friends come in .

I could feel  the frustration in the air concerning work,  family,  research and all .

however today I had enough of all the negative words and I had to speak up ..

Enough Enough of the failure, doom and gloom that you speak.

what you   think  you speak out , your ears hear.

Speak right from today  by reading the word and speaking what it says

and if you are lost on what to say exactly

you need   to learn from the author of words  who infinitely expressed beauty  in his word which is himself

a way of making your life beautiful  is by the words that you speak

see before  God created the heavens and the earth there

was darkness upon the face of the earth and so God spoke a word .

The word he spoke was good for the earth he created was beautiful.

Words rule the universe , life and death lies in the power of the tongue .

Be mindful of  the words that you release brother donald  Lawrence cautions us in his song….   though life can be challenging . But don’t escalate  situations by making it  worse with your words.

Remember every relationship begins with words and ends with words

live beautifully


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