My journey to greatness


I saw her   tears

I heard  her cry

I heard sounds from  her  powerful inaudible  mutterings

with hands stretched out high up reaching up the heavens

eyes had that look of desperation

and  I  cant seem to get over the sight

a queen in all her splendour

yet understood when the king of kings arrived

to humble herself and bow down before the king

to worship

in awe of his presence

the excellency of  his  splendour and majesty

seeing his glory

her body  was made weak in his presence

for who is man to stand in the glory of the king

ah there  she is  bowed down in desperation hands stretched forward towards the king and all she said was more of you lord in me

more of you my king in more

for she could discern …. knew by experience

that   if she had the king in her

she could conquer more kingdoms

she  knew that the she needed the strength of the king to reign in her kingdom

and grow her kingdom

she knew that the new season demanded a new refreshing from the king

she wanted a deeper intimacy with the king

The  king

talk about the king whose  greatness is indescribable

No man can know him all

For want of description

we call him holy

we call him I am

his greatness is greater than the descriptive greatness

and yet  it is a glimpse of glory we behold

oh but I want more……more…..more…..

More: defined ~a greater or additional amount quantity or degree.


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