My journey to greatness

Be grateful

whenever you are tempted to complain about the prayers you have said that seem not have been heard by God in your mind …

just stop your self …hush your mind and thoughts  and just be grateful .

God is Good …

Instead think of the prayers he had answered and praise him for it …

whenever you are tempted to complain about anything remember there are others who have nothing and so they have nothing to complain about so be grateful .

just pause and think …

whenever it  went wrong most of the time it was your fault … but by his mercy  you were not consumed .

yes it was your fault ..  How do i know God is good he is holy he is blameless he is faithful to his word and cannot change so be grateful ..

that when you foolishly or ignorantly gave the devil a room to live in your place God saved you from distraction and destruction ..

just be grateful.

if you are tempted to think that there is nothing to thank God for today just thank him for  his past goodness and his goodness that you are yet to  experience

particularly if you think that your waking up today to read this post , to find this blog , to comprehend what has been written on this blog is not as a result of God’s Goodness?

 … just be grateful ..

for those who think that you are in a  situation , you cannot be blamed for 

 and that there is no hope

after you have prayed and after you have prayed and  fasted and after you have praised and worshipped God with all your heart

just be still and see God save you he is faithful to come through for you.

But above all be grateful .. this situation cannot kill you but can make you better

God bless


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One thought on “Be grateful

  1. Nice one! Be grateful! God is with us all the time!


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