My journey to greatness

your beauty lord

your beauty makes all the difference lord

cos you do it from the inside out .

a man you beautify is different .

radiates  glory ….is free is unhindered  and fear free

see in the beginning you made  man

and man was good and beautiful

with no shackles and shameless

then after the fall , the deceiver made them see and  turn into outward adornment for  now they thought    that now there were naked and were ashamed .

they were not free to love again ,

they felt naked, they  saw the need to hide from your presence ,

they lost the glory ,   they could not stand in  your presence

but thank God for  my redemption through the cross

where my beauty was restored  by the blood of jesus

I have no need to create facades  through outward adornments  of pretence .. because I am beautiful by your blood .

your beauty lord in me i appreciate ..

and I pray that my life reflects your beauty  daily every minute every moment

remove strife, bitterness, jealousy , anger and hatred from me daily

replace it with your joy peace and kindness and peace

that I might reflect you in me

let the world see  you through me

because your are beautiful

your beauty lord i want to reflect daily

and always

thank you lord , for your mercy

the days i have failed you

your restored me by your mercy and grace

thank you lord

for you made my life so beautiful

hallelujah .


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