My journey to greatness



Today  I start living above my barriers
Today I  make a decision to  rehearse my future enjoy my now and forget the past

I refuse to rehearse my relationship failures but embrace the beautiful ones and the victories
I refuse to stay in brokenness but accept healing and receive it
Today  I choose to count my blessings
Relishing in the blessing and beauty of the now

Living with the hope of a better tomorrow

For my now is Greater than my past.
My future is the greatest
Greater than today
I refuse to live life through the framework of misery and pain embracing sorrow  as i limp along the path of life

living constantly in the shadow of failure ..

But i thrive, I am Bold , I am fear free,   I leap I jump I walk , I  run,  I  fly ..

Enjoying the diversity in scenery and beauty present in humanity along life’s journey

I am victorious
I am not pain

I am joy
I am a champion
I may fail but I stay not in failure
I am victory
Every failure turns to victory for me
I am victory



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2 thoughts on “I THRIVE

  1. kezia njoroge on said:

    nice post



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