My journey to greatness

Miracle Worker

Hi everyone, how have you been, let me just state that You are in your wealthy place

i am a miracle

So  I have been thinking about my life… I am a miracle

I do have a lot to be thankful for and so do you.

In  the words of  the great Donnie mcClurkin i could say Oh my  Lord my life is a testimony.

I have been in  uncountable  IMPOSSIBLE  situations  but God showed up for me.

Just because  He loves me and so does He love you.

Today  I want to share some  songs that  keep me inspired  expecting  God in every situation.

The first song is You are God  by Segun Ajuwon  I encountered the  God of the breakthrough by meditating on the words of this song. It drew my attention to the sovereignty of the most high God. This song brought a change in my perception of God in diverse trials . Indeed  I experienced Signs and wonders

My next song is miracle worker this is a song I came across on the website gospelcentric.net by a minister

named Glowreeyah. Miracle worker is a song of Intercession.


The third song is  by an international gospel artiste I have grown to  love named Sinach.

The song will draw your attention to the infallibility and faithfulness of God.

Be blessed and be encouraged to  believe God for a change,  a miraculous change in your life for  our God is extraordinary and will  always do extraordinary things.


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