My journey to greatness

Send words of praise to him

Praise  the lord.
Praise him in awe of his great  deeds
Praise in wonder of his greatness
Speak loudly of his  goodness and mercy.


Proclaim his sovereignty  over the lands. For God indeed is sovereign.
He is the God that killeth and maketh  alive.
He pulls down kingdoms and builds up
What a Great God!

Declare that our God is second to none.
Speak in details  his beauty
speak gloriously of his holiness.
He loves with the ferocity of a burning fire. Yet   tender in his mercies…

Oh God who am I that you are mindful.
Yea .. a people who do not know me serve  me.
You have indeed set me up on a hill that I cannot be hid.
My father my God,  your right hand  indeed is heavy with power.
For you have crushed my enemy..  and have shown me victories in impossible situations.
I bless you God.
I tell of your wonders all the days of my being.


let Him be the centre of it all


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