My journey to greatness

Love has a Voice


Love has a sound
It’s melody in my ears
Setting me free to soar.
Love has eyes that  sees  my flaws yet decides to treat me like my future and not my present.
Love reduced itself to reach me.
Love has a voice it speaks to me
Love has hands it touches me
Love has breath it gives me life.

Love has a future it gives me direction.
Love is passionate it burns right through me.
Love is tough it never gives up on me.

Love has a word fit for me always.
Love is generous
Forever giving
Never complaining
Always sees through the blurry mirror
or facade that I create
through Loves blodd the pure clean blood washed me is unveiled beautiful
Holy blameless filled with blood.
I love love, I love what it does to me.
Love found me.😍

let Him be the centre of it all


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