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Hello there 

I know I haven’t been writing a lot lately on here.  

March on in fear 

or with joy 

just March on 

As a sourjourner

 in the land 

clothed with dignity 

hope and joy

 March on

 walking on water 

March on 

the prize is at sight 

March on 

with love as your guiding  compass 

And protective armour 

March on with

 your foes watching 

March on 

even when

 you are embraced

 with the silence of no applause 

March on even 

when fans cheer you on 

Though you fall, Rise and March on

Though there 

are past victories 

March on 

Though you are tired 

March on 

Though no one sees you


There’s a prize

 a priceless prize of victory 

For the one who

 doesn’t give up 

March on.


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