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Miracle Worker

Hi everyone, how have you been, let me just state that You are in your wealthy place

i am a miracle

So  I have been thinking about my life… I am a miracle

I do have a lot to be thankful for and so do you.

In  the words of  the great Donnie mcClurkin i could say Oh my  Lord my life is a testimony.

I have been in  uncountable  IMPOSSIBLE  situations  but God showed up for me.

Just because  He loves me and so does He love you.

Today  I want to share some  songs that  keep me inspired  expecting  God in every situation.

The first song is You are God  by Segun Ajuwon  I encountered the  God of the breakthrough by meditating on the words of this song. It drew my attention to the sovereignty of the most high God. This song brought a change in my perception of God in diverse trials . Indeed  I experienced Signs and wonders

My next song is miracle worker this is a song I came across on the website gospelcentric.net by a minister

named Glowreeyah. Miracle worker is a song of Intercession.


The third song is  by an international gospel artiste I have grown to  love named Sinach.

The song will draw your attention to the infallibility and faithfulness of God.

Be blessed and be encouraged to  believe God for a change,  a miraculous change in your life for  our God is extraordinary and will  always do extraordinary things.


Happy new year

Praise  the lord  everybody.
I know I have been quiet the past year.
But God has been faithful so so faithful..
Just thought to come on here and celeberate the new year with you and also announce to you that it is your year of fruitfulness… however a fruitful  person is the one who is planted.. just to get you thinking are you planted?
God bless you ♥♥

Ancient words


The word of God is empowering me.

Bathing  me

Beautifying me

Clothing me

Purifying my heart

Sharpening my spirit

Ancient words

Yet  timely

More current than time itself

Illuminating my path

Through Day and night

Steering me away from danger

Keeping me in perfect peace

Reminding me of my identity

Causing me to  invest strength in the right direction

I am growing in grace  and wisdom because of the word

I am doing exploits

My hands are strengthened in battle

The word fills my heart with the hope of a bright  day

A greater tomorrow

and a glorious end

Yes , let the ancient words empower forever

Take a stand


Take a stand for holiness

for righteousness

take a stand
for love
to love
to hope
to dream
to live
to trust  God
and be  trusted by God
for truth
to stand by the  truth  alone

to walk alone for the sake of the truth
to be truthful  always at all cost
to be prayerful  in season and out of season
to be consistent   when  convenient  and inconvenient
stand in the gap
stand in the word
stand focused
stand tough
stand still
stand strong
stand for God
having done all
your stand determines your posture and your position her and hereafter.

What’s coming is better

Happy new month everyone , I have not been silent for nothing ,  I believe there is no point in writing if there be no utterance. but bless God I have a prophetic  psalm that will bless you by brother Deon kipping.




Today  I start living above my barriers
Today I  make a decision to  rehearse my future enjoy my now and forget the past

I refuse to rehearse my relationship failures but embrace the beautiful ones and the victories
I refuse to stay in brokenness but accept healing and receive it
Today  I choose to count my blessings
Relishing in the blessing and beauty of the now

Living with the hope of a better tomorrow

For my now is Greater than my past.
My future is the greatest
Greater than today
I refuse to live life through the framework of misery and pain embracing sorrow  as i limp along the path of life

living constantly in the shadow of failure ..

But i thrive, I am Bold , I am fear free,   I leap I jump I walk , I  run,  I  fly ..

Enjoying the diversity in scenery and beauty present in humanity along life’s journey

I am victorious
I am not pain

I am joy
I am a champion
I may fail but I stay not in failure
I am victory
Every failure turns to victory for me
I am victory


A real friend is


A real friend is loyal 

a loyal friend is unswerving
is a peacemaker 
a loyal friend  is my defence (intercessor) when i can’t stand  and comes to my defence when I am in danger  
a loyal friend will judge me in my mess but will stick with me and  still work me through it and out of it (my mess)
a loyal friend will never give up on me
 a loyal friend is trusting 
not insecure 
sensitive to times and seasons
is an example(model) to me 
esteems others  higher that  him or herself
loves God 
is  a gift 
puts God first and every other thing second including me 
a loyal friend’s word is bond  
a loyal friend is what I want  to be 
  • loyalty (themarriagefiles.wordpress.com)



Emmanuel, Emmanuel  Emmanuel  ,

I cannot fear , I do not fear,

I cannot  faint , I  do not faint

I cannot fail I do not fail

because you are with me …

when storms arise

and the sea rages

and  all I do is say Emmanuel

~and if our God is for us  then who can ever stop us and if our God is with us then what can stand against …

count it all joy my dear

consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds

because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything

Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers.

troubles don;t last always

weeping may endure  for a night but joy comes in the morning

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

see -Without Pharaoh‘s pursuit of Israel at the Red Sea, there is no miraculous deliverance.

-Without Lazarus’s death, there is no rising to life.

-Without Goliath, there is no underdog story.

-Without Peter stepping out of the boat, there is no miracle on the water.

-Without Judas‘ betrayal, there is no resurrection type

count it all joy

let the joy of the lord be your strength in Jesus name .

see the morning is near

there is more for you than against you

You are blessed

your beauty lord

your beauty makes all the difference lord

cos you do it from the inside out .

a man you beautify is different .

radiates  glory ….is free is unhindered  and fear free

see in the beginning you made  man

and man was good and beautiful

with no shackles and shameless

then after the fall , the deceiver made them see and  turn into outward adornment for  now they thought    that now there were naked and were ashamed .

they were not free to love again ,

they felt naked, they  saw the need to hide from your presence ,

they lost the glory ,   they could not stand in  your presence

but thank God for  my redemption through the cross

where my beauty was restored  by the blood of jesus

I have no need to create facades  through outward adornments  of pretence .. because I am beautiful by your blood .

your beauty lord in me i appreciate ..

and I pray that my life reflects your beauty  daily every minute every moment

remove strife, bitterness, jealousy , anger and hatred from me daily

replace it with your joy peace and kindness and peace

that I might reflect you in me

let the world see  you through me

because your are beautiful

your beauty lord i want to reflect daily

and always

thank you lord , for your mercy

the days i have failed you

your restored me by your mercy and grace

thank you lord

for you made my life so beautiful

hallelujah .

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