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5,7 9? are sure odd numbers

spontaneous overflow of words

filled with convictions  … glaring picture of the future

unbelievable to the human eyes

doesn’t make sense to my soul

but sure somewhere in my heart .. there is a dream implanted bigger than i that my soul can not comprehend..

5, 7, 9 ..again are odd numbers yet….


Enforcing victory

The bend on the road  isn’t the end of the road

keep praying keep interceding until your victory is established

give me a coke and no joke?

now is that meant to be funny … geez

As he is

And Jesus grew in  wisdom  and stature and in favour with God and man

As he is so am I  in this world

make your confession brother !!!


listen you can never be stranded…
Its your time to shine and nothing will stop you
No Herod will stop you

God bless you

And so he says

Eyes have not seen

nor ears heard

nor has it entered the hearts of men .. what the lord hath planned for his own

his word is true

he will make things new and every crooked path  will be straight

every valley made a plain …

speak of no draught .. yet with no rain ..

wonders… eyes have not seen

they might be no rain …might look the same … but situations will change  for an  expected end.. oh eyes have not seen

victory on every side shout victory …… yea …oh eyes have not  seen


But i am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the Mercy of God forever and ever ..

I will Praise thee Oh lord for thou hast done it : i will wait on thy name for it is good before thy saints ..

As for me i will call upon God and the lord shall save me . evening and morning and at noon will i pray and cry out loud and he shall hear my voice .

In God will i praise his word ..  In God i have put my Trust i will not fear what flesh can do unto me.

In God will i praise his word  in the lord will i Put my trust i will not be afraid what man can do unto me …

thy vows are upon me oh God i will render praises unto  thee…

On holiday in tears sunday night …

I read the  fiction but you made it reality

Thought it was  a façade ,….. picturesque  but you made my Dream come true

Even when i gladly Gave it up

You dug it up and Gave it back to me

with you loving me

With You loving me  and living and being in me    …

i will press  on

through the hard times  to live in the reality of my dreams ….

streams in “gooseland”

Here… there were in a dry place

weary deserted , patched with thirst,…desert….

desperate for rain

To ease the pain of toil without harverst

it appeared the wait was in vain

the seeds for planting dwindled and vanished as they ate up their reserves ..

they prayed for rain

he promised the rain

yet the clouds never gathered …talk more of rain !

patience patience

Patience and a little bit of faith will bring the promise to fruition..

they will be no cloud or rain he said but every valley will be filled with water …

don’t look up for the clouds to gather ..

wait for the promise


In the quest to to beat time we  settle for the worst  forgetting that he is outside of time  he who has promised that none shall lack a mate ..

Don’t wine and dine  with the one who serves cheap fast food.

that  is immediate gratification  Iced with eternal regret

Don’t date the devil he is evil ..

i will wait for my blessing

letter to God 2

speak to me lord

let my spirt be quickened


that mine ears might hear

that mine eyes might see my victory when it comes

hear me lord

i want to experience your voice of hope

a now word

that  the clips in worship i  have seen might come to pass

that the victory in my dreams will come to fruition

i will wait to see what i see

i will wait to see what i hear

i will wait

… my soul is wrestles

as time goes by

but i will wait for kairos

for your word will come to existence

can’t keep up with the questions

i will be still cos you are faithful

i will wait

no comparisims shall i entertain

cos that is foolishness in your site

i will wait …for you

i will wait …

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