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The discipline of following through a bible plan

http://bible.com/r/8P Join me in reading Hillsong: 40 Days of Revival:

I just finished my 40 days of revival plan glory to God. I had struggles days I felt like giving up and finding another routine but I always noticed that whatever I read on that day happened to resonate me with me as a now word..

Share  with me what plans you have read and how you managed to follow through.


let Him be the centre of it all


Miracle Worker

Hi everyone, how have you been, let me just state that You are in your wealthy place

i am a miracle

So  I have been thinking about my life… I am a miracle

I do have a lot to be thankful for and so do you.

In  the words of  the great Donnie mcClurkin i could say Oh my  Lord my life is a testimony.

I have been in  uncountable  IMPOSSIBLE  situations  but God showed up for me.

Just because  He loves me and so does He love you.

Today  I want to share some  songs that  keep me inspired  expecting  God in every situation.

The first song is You are God  by Segun Ajuwon  I encountered the  God of the breakthrough by meditating on the words of this song. It drew my attention to the sovereignty of the most high God. This song brought a change in my perception of God in diverse trials . Indeed  I experienced Signs and wonders

My next song is miracle worker this is a song I came across on the website gospelcentric.net by a minister

named Glowreeyah. Miracle worker is a song of Intercession.


The third song is  by an international gospel artiste I have grown to  love named Sinach.

The song will draw your attention to the infallibility and faithfulness of God.

Be blessed and be encouraged to  believe God for a change,  a miraculous change in your life for  our God is extraordinary and will  always do extraordinary things.

Relieving some moments.


I will sing a victory song to you oh
God for great and mighty is who you are.
Nobody like you
Nobody like you oh lord
Alpha Nobody like you


The lord reigns blessed be the rock
Let the rock of my salvation be exalted



For I have seen the Lords goodness his mercies and compassion
I have seen the Lord’s  Goodness  all praise to this glorious God.


Now let Claire enjoy her life as long as she may live
Praise God


Oh lord I’m grateful

let Him be the centre of it all

What the Word means to Me

I enjoy the word of God and I always want to pay attention to His word in every  season of my life..
To pay attention to the word requires deligence,  and the skill and disciplene of consistency..
The word will bring health and wealth to you. 
The word will give you  undeserved victories.
The word of God will bring pleasant surprises your way.
The word of God will bring direction your way if you feel lost and alone .
If you want to speak rightly
The word of God will fill your lips with a speaking  grace .
The word of God is medicine to your bones.
The word of God brings beauty inner and outward beauty to you
The word of God is refreshing
The word of God will make you intelligent.
The word of God will bring you to a place of prominence and greatness
The word of God will and never fails.

Need I say  more .. I could go on and on about the word .. but please pay attention to this scripture as I end the post with ..this


let Him be the centre of it all

When you trust God!

To completely  rely on God is  to be totally established in the path of victory.

Thinking about strange relationship experiences that God saved me from because I trusted his nudge not to go where  humanly speaking appeared to be the “greenland”

And so father God I thank you for saving me from heart break again
You are my father.. you father me well.
I couldn’t help but share this on here and so here is a scripture word for you


Remember there is no failure for those who trust God.
If He did not give it to you through the channel you had in mind be  assured that he is giving you a better one. God never fails

God is faithful…

God is faithful even in in your unfaithfulness -selah

Happy new year

Praise  the lord  everybody.
I know I have been quiet the past year.
But God has been faithful so so faithful..
Just thought to come on here and celeberate the new year with you and also announce to you that it is your year of fruitfulness… however a fruitful  person is the one who is planted.. just to get you thinking are you planted?
God bless you ♥♥

Ancient words


The word of God is empowering me.

Bathing  me

Beautifying me

Clothing me

Purifying my heart

Sharpening my spirit

Ancient words

Yet  timely

More current than time itself

Illuminating my path

Through Day and night

Steering me away from danger

Keeping me in perfect peace

Reminding me of my identity

Causing me to  invest strength in the right direction

I am growing in grace  and wisdom because of the word

I am doing exploits

My hands are strengthened in battle

The word fills my heart with the hope of a bright  day

A greater tomorrow

and a glorious end

Yes , let the ancient words empower forever

Take a stand


Take a stand for holiness

for righteousness

take a stand
for love
to love
to hope
to dream
to live
to trust  God
and be  trusted by God
for truth
to stand by the  truth  alone

to walk alone for the sake of the truth
to be truthful  always at all cost
to be prayerful  in season and out of season
to be consistent   when  convenient  and inconvenient
stand in the gap
stand in the word
stand focused
stand tough
stand still
stand strong
stand for God
having done all
your stand determines your posture and your position her and hereafter.

Turning around for me: halleluyah

turning around for me


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